Eco Team

Welcome to the Eco Team page.


Our new Eco team from September 2015 is:


  • Kayla – Y6
  • Jamie – Y6
  • Harvey – Y6
  • Connor - Y6
  • Phoebe – Y6
  • Beth – Y6
  • Jess – Y6
  • Dylan A - Y6
  • Jake – Y5
  • Poppy – Y5
  • Georgina – Y5
  • Ellie – Y5


They will be supported and guided by the help of Mrs. Jackson, Miss Spencer and Mr. Wright


The Eco Team is made up of a group of eager, green fingered children, who take on several projects throughout the year, all of which help the school remain environmentally friendly.


The children take care of all the plant life and gardens throughout the school, monitor the electricity consumption of the classrooms and keep an eager eye on the recycling of the school.  This includes collecting any unwanted (or broken) batteries, pens, pencils, glasses and mobiles.  They also compost fruit from snack time across the school.  


The Eco Team meet on a Monday afternoon and are always thinking of new ideas and ways to boost the school’s environmental reputation.


Watch this space for news on upcoming events and projects the Eco Team are taking part in.



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