Our Curriculum

Like all state schools we are required to follow the National Curriculum for all core and foundation subjects. In addition to this we have a locally agreed syllabus for Religious Education which is taught throughout the school. The National Curriculum continues to be the subject of frequent and often unfathomable review and change and at the time of writing  we are continuing making the transition to a the latest incarnation.


Beyond this though the school is committed to providing a broad, balanced and rich curriculum which will enable the children to enjoy their learning and make good progress in all subjects and according to their talents and potential. We are developing our approaches to teaching and learning all the time and this is based on the best underpinning principles and practice in Early Years education which we are gradually extending throughout the whole school. This enables us to meet all the requirements of the National Curriculum and develop children’s basic skills within vibrant, engaging and fun contexts.


In the Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 the children work within the  Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and transition into the National Curriculum is made smooth by our free-flow, child-initiated focus to learning and development. Pupils work independently on self-chosen activities however the teachers plan the provision and learning opportunities with care and provision- play is children’s learning but we do not engage in aimless play! As the children progress through the key stage there is an increasing focus on adult supported learning on an individual, small group and whole class basis.


In KS2 (years 3-6) pupils are currently taught in mixed year group  classes for all subjects Personal and Social education is becoming embedded in all aspects of our teaching from assemblies to lessons and through to social times and is based around our school values (the 5 Rs) and rules.


We believe in early identification and intervention for pupils with specific barriers to learning or who are vulnerable in other ways and work closely with a wide range of support agencies to ensure that their needs are fully met and that they can enjoy their school experience equally alongside their peers.


All in all learning genuinely is fun, challenging and engaging at New Park Primary School!